Saturday, July 24, 2010

She's fitting in just fine!

I worry about things a lot... Sometimes I even go straight to the worst case scenario... This change in our lives - the new baby- had me worried about al of things but mostly I worried about Zac. He has alwasy been a mama's boy and such a sweet thing, I thought this would ruin his life, I thought he might turn into a terror over night, I though he would hate me and the baby... to my pleasant surprise nothing like that has happened. Zac adores Mia, he wants to hold her a few times a day, he wants to kiss her head goodnight, he wants to make sure he waves to her when he is going to bed, and he even helps out with throwing away diapers, getting burp clothes, etc. We are almost two weeks in and I don't think I could ask for things to be better as far as he is concerned!

Brynley on the other hand... Loves her little sister, but has turned into a terror for her mom and dad. Poor Bryn has seen the inside of the bathroom a few too many times a day when she is sent to time out. She's got this attitude that will not quit! I am hoping that enough consistency on our part will help her attitude a little but I'm not holding my breath. At least she loves her sister.

These pictures were taken last week at 6 days old - we went on our first family outing to Costco. Brynley was thrilled to dress in a coordinating outfit to match Mia.

Hayden still loves his little sister and has gotten a little better at not smothering her all day long! He is really sweet to her and I am so glad that he loves her so much!

Last Sunday was Mia's one week birthday, Andy was trying to lay her in the sun to help with her jaundice and he quietly came and got me to see what was happening on the living room floor. I couldn't resist these sweet pictures.

A sneak peek at Mia's first photo shoot. Once I edit the pictures, we should have some pretty good shots!

If I had any doubts about having a 4th child, they have all quickly subsided. It feels like Mia has been a part of our family forever, she has found her place and we are thrilled to have her. I cannot imagine life without this sweet baby, I feel like our family is finally complete. I still wonder how we were so lucky to be blessed with 2 boys and 2 girls - all healthy and happy! Today would have been Mia's due date - we are so glad she decided to come a few weeks early!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Father's and Son's Campout

On May 8th Andy and Hayden got to go on their second Father's and Son's camp out. They went up a day early with some friends so they actually got to stay for two nights rather than just one. Hayden was really looking forward to it and from what he said, they had a great time!

My two handsome campers. Is it just me or does my husband look hot all rugged and dirty???

Hayden with his ear plugs - they did some shooting. I'm not sure if Hayden actually shot a gun but I do know that he sort of walked in front of where the men were shooting and got yelled at. Poor kid sometimes just doesn't get it. You would think his mind would tell him - don't walk in front of guns, you could get shot...

In front of the campfire

Hayden was thrilled that there was a rope swing

Apparently Hayden was pretty miserably cold during the night, Andy had to snap a picture of the poor kid!

Brynley was a little sad that she couldn't go with them but I let her sleep in my bed for the two nights they were away. I guess that made up for it because she was just asking the other day when they were going to go camping again. I told her next time they go we can go as the whole family. She then said, no, they can go by themselves and I can stay up late watching TV in your bed again!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Four Days Old

Be aware... Mia is most likely our last baby, therefore I am soaking in every second with her and thus taking a lot of pictures! This blog may turn into the Mia show for awhile, sorry!

I had to take Mia to the doctor for a weight check and to have her soft spots looked at (we have been worried because she doesn't really have one - the doc assured me she has a very small one so I am going with that and trying not to freak out and look at her head every day.) so I figured she may as well get a little dressed up!

After her appointment She got some good Daddy time

And a little nap for both of them!

Gila Valley Temple

You may start seeing some posts I'm trying to catch up on, at least that's my plan... This is my family's journal and I love to have things recorded here so I am doing it for them...

Back in early May, Meredith and I decided to go to the Gila Valley Temple open house with our kids and husbands. It is about a 2 and a half hour drive so we left in the early afternoon for the trek. The kids were excited but didn't actually realize until we got there that they would get to go inside of the temple. (Once an LDS temple is dedicated, only members in good standing with a current recommend are able to go inside. Children will get the opportunity after they turn 12. So none of our kids have ever been inside and they always wonder what it's like.) Hayden lit up when we got there and he saw that we were going inside. The kids were all so cute and loved the beauty in the Temple. The light fixtures were truly amazing, so sparkly. Zac would point at every fixture when we walked into a room.

Andy standing outside with the kids

We tried for a family picture and this is the best we got, I'll take it.

The four big kids are looking up at the spire with the Angel Moroni at the top

Posing for a picture

Brynley was happy to take a picture with her big brother, Hayden on the other hand, not so much

After the temple tour we headed into Safford for some fantastic Mexican Food. I got a recommendation from a friend who grew up there and boy was she right - this was some good food! I can't remember the name of the restaurant unfortunately...

Andy driving home in the wee hours of the night

Zac on the drive home, we will call this before the meltdown...

During the meltdown...

Toward the end of the meltdown...

Poor Zac just could not close his eyes and go to sleep, but he was so tired. Eventually I climbed in the back with him and stroked his arm until he fell asleep...

This was such a fun little day trip with the family, I am so glad we got to do it!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Home from the hospital...

Monday night, July 12th, Andy and I got to bring Mia home from the hospital with us. Of course I had a super cute dress with matching bracelet and headband all ready for her to wear home. The dress was a bit big but she looked so cute none the less!

Just waiting to be discharged...
Mia has been pretty good so far. She struggled with nursing for the first day we were home but is getting a lot better now. We had to take her to the doctor the morning after we got home for a weight check and to check her bilirubin levels. Luckily, her bilirubin is still within normal range so as long as she keeps eating well, we should have no issues with jaundice. The doctor was a bit more concerned with her weight loss, as she was 6 lbs. 12 ounces, almost a full pound below her birth weight. We will go back tomorrow for another weight check and hope she she is gaining!

The kids LOVE her - sometimes I think a little too much. They constantly want to hold her and I feel like they are all on top of me all the time. We keep having to talk to them about personal space and how even babies need their space sometimes!

Hayden is the one who wants to hold her ALL the time, he would sit on the couch all day holding her if he could, it is very sweet!

I didn't get any pictures of Zac holding her, but here is what he looked like when I was snapping Bryn's picture! What a cutie!

Monday, July 12, 2010

More Hospital Pictures...

Mia is now 36 hours old and we are loving her more every minute! I can't stop staring at her and her cuteness - she is seriously a doll. We look forward to heading home in a few hours and sleeping in our own beds. We will, however miss the great hospital food - if you think I'm kidding, I'm not - this hospital has great room service!

Trying on her first headband!

Mia has had a lot of visitors - her brothers and sisters and cousins and Grandpa were all visiting yesterday and then were back again this morning. Kate was not so sure about Mia for the first little bit - when Meredith asked her where's the baby? She pointed to herself and scooted away from Mia. Eventually she warmed up to her a little!

All of the cousins admiring sweet Miss Mia

I love this picture!

And this one - so precious!

Finally a picture of Daddy and Daughter

The kids love the bathroom door in the hospital room, it's a giant white board. I'm not sure if kids are supposed to draw on it or not, but i loved my pictures and the kids were well occupied.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Mia Arrives!!!

After three days of hard work and on and off again contractions, we were finally admitted to the hospital on Saturday afternoon, July 10th. I was dilated to 3 cm when we arrived and after being admitted, had dilated to 4cm but wasn't progressing much beyond that. The doctor decided to break my water and get things moving along. Things didn't move along so well, so Pitocin was started around 7pm and...
5 hours in and not feeling too bad...

At least the glitter toes were still lookin pretty cute!

The epidural was started around 10 pm and labor continued... By about 12:15 I was able to feel horrible pressure like I needed to push. We tried upping the epidural to numb the feeling but it didn't work. Contractions were coming about every 2 minutes or less and with each contraction came the same horrible pressure. I clung tight to the arm of the bed, meanwhile squeezing my legs together so I wouldn't accidentally push the baby out! (Not that that would have actually happened but in my irrational state, that's all I could think of.) I knew I was getting super close and at 12:50 the nurse checked me and I was ready to go. For some reason it took another 20 minutes before they actually had me start pushing. 2 practice pushes with the nurse and my doctor was called in at 1:20. As he was getting suited up he had me push, only to tell me stop almost immediately because Mia was already halfway out, I think he barely caught her!

She came out screaming and ready to eat almost right away!

Before her bath and shortly after delivery

Sweet Mia Bella, right after being bathed

The kids came Sunday morning to see their new sister - they are all in love with her, even Zac could not stay away from her and wanted to hold her right away.

Mia Bella Ashton - July 11, 2010 - 1:24 am - 7 pounds, 10 ounces - 21 inches long

Dr. Layton - the best doctor ever! I seriously love him and am so grateful for the great care he has taken in delivering our last 3 babies.