Thursday, February 3, 2011

December is always filled with a ton of fun activities. This year Hayden had a school Christmas play, Brynley ahd her Christmas dance recital and a preschool program.

Hayden was thrilled to be chosen as one of the "football dancers" in his play, and he had a speaking part! He did a great job and we loved watching his amazing ballet dancing skills! He was super excited when we found Andy's Junior High Football jersey for him to wear - it came complete with Ashton on the back! He did a fantastic job - his school has an awesome Music teacher who works really hard and takes great pride in the grade level plays. It was actually really cute! Hayden was so excited when Lindsay and Caroline said they would come. He loved having them there and I loved having Meredith watch Zac for me so we didn't have to chase him all over the place!

Brynley's dance recitals are always super cute. We love her teacher Miss Misty - she loves these girls and does such a great job with them. The Christmas performance is just a small one held in her backyard. Brynley was so cute! She knew the entire dance and hardly had to look at Miss Misty at all.

Brynley also had a performance at school, she talked about it for weeks! She was dressed as one of the angels during the manger scene - she did a great job ringing her triangle. The kids had several songs prepared and did a fantastic job. I can't believe how big she is getting!

Brynley with her cute teacher Miss Alison - we love her!