Saturday, June 18, 2011

A beautiful day for a baptism...

A handsome young man taking a huge step in his life...

Though the day before the baptism had us stuck in the Honolulu Airport - having a flight delayed and then almost canceled - we made it home from Hawaii with 8 hours to spare! I was a bit nervous that we wouldn't make it home but we rolled in the driveway around 2:30am, for a 10:30am baptism!

Thanks to Aunt Shelly for having the house clean when we got home and to Meredith for making cupcakes for the event and to Barro's Pizza for having 8 large pizzas ready at noon for us, and to my new friend Kim of Cakepops 101, and to the Booher Girls who made chocolate chip cookies for a fundraiser - it was a relatively un stressful day {all things considered}. I didn't have to make any food - yay! I had a bit of a hard time with the whole pizza thing {I would have had a much more elaborate menu} but Hayden requested it and so his wish was granted. And considering we were going to be in Maui for the 9 days leading up to the day - it relieved the stress considerably!

Andy and Hayden all ready to go

Some of Hayden's cute friends who attended today

A fun bunch of cute cousins {who are about to move down the street from us, woohoo!!!}

Hayden has had amazing Primary teachers, this is his current teacher along with his old teacher!

Lovin' my cute family! {Can you tell I got two whole hours of sleep!}

With Meredith's Family - I had only seen Mia for about an hour since getting back in town, I think she still wasn't sure about who I was!

With Dad and Debbie

So glad to have Andy's parents here!

With Aunt Shelly {our hero for taking care of our three oldest for 9 days!!!} and Uncle Joe and Grandma - who also helped but Aunt Shelly was the main caretaker!

I had notecard for the guests to write on for a memory book of the day.

Gorgeous {and tasty!} Cakepops courtesy of my new friend Kim from Cakepops 101 - these were a huge hit. Kim also teaches classes which I have convinced a few friends to take with me in a few months! We also had the cutest tiny white cupcakes with banana frosting made by Meredith - yum, some fantastic chocolate chip cookies and ice cream sundaes!

My sweet baby girl... Who was inadvertantly left in the car in the garage with the doors closed after the baptism... 15 minutes after we got home I was rushing around getting food read and I had a horrible feeling that something was wrong with Mia. I asked Andy where she was and he didn't know. I ran to the garage to find her in a closed - extremely hot - car. It was over 100 degrees outside. She was tear stained and panicking. I was a wreck for a few minutes but she seems to be ok!

Some of the kids eating before getting into the pool!

Eating our pizza feast, which included Barro's Pizza {our favorite!} and garlin butter from Papa John's! {Hayden's request!} Thanks to Uncle Steve who picked up 20 packets of the stuff from Papa John's!

Hayden was over the moon about his new scriptures form Dad and Debbie!

Aunt Shelly and Uncle Joe got him this cute picture and a tie tack. Grandma and Andy's parents gave him money for his mission fund, Jackson {Hayden's very first friend - got him a cute tie and the Myer's family gave him an awesome journal for recording spiritual experiences! It was a fantastic day! We missed a few friends who are normally staples at our events due to sickness and being out of town...

This is where we found Zac half of the time - in the toy basket - so weird!