Sunday, April 24, 2011

Temple Lights 2010

We always love going to the Temple Lights - the funny thing is our pictures all look the same every year! The kids are aging a bit and we usually have different people with us so I guess I'll keep posting every year. The kids love seeing all of the Nativities - my favorite part!

Christmas Day 2010

We had such a great Christmas this year... Honestly, I can't think of the last time we had a bad Christmas, but whatever! The kids woke up to open all of their presents from Santa. Some of the highlights included basketball hoop for Zac, Tech Deck ramps and skateboards for Hayden, Hermit Crabs for Hayden {which were later returned and replaced by the Leopard Gecko}, Bryn and Hayden both got iPod shuffles, and so much more!

I was able to surprise Andy {with a bit of help from his Dad} with an iPad! This was the best surprise ever and I was so glad I actually pulled it off! Andy and I were not doing gifts for each other this year - we never do - and yet we both end up somehow getting awesome gifts! Andy got me a gorgeous Nativity {I collect Nativities and this one is my new favorite!}, he got me a new point and shoot camera, and The Incredible Shrinking Woman on DVD! It was really a great day!

We had our annual Christmas brunch at our house - it was just as tasty as ever. We invited out cute neighbors Jeff and Diana over with their cute little baby Ty!
Ty and Mia together!

We spent the day being very lazy - letting the kids play and watch movies, playing Twister, until dinner which was a huge buffet of really awesome appetizers, etc...

I might add that Meredith and Steve were the only adults to actually play Twister!

After brunch we headed over to Aunt Shelly and Uncle Joe's house for more present opening! All of the kids wanted a pillow pet for Christmas and so Aunt Shelly delivered!

After we opened presents, Uncle Joe pulled out his annual bag of Christmas goodies! Each was labeled and we each got to choose numbers to determine what our gift would be... there was much trading and bartering with Andy ending up with the canned ham!
We finished the night with a rousing game of "Hot Rudolph" {Like Hot Potato only you play with a rudolph toy that lights up and when it stops playing music and lighting up, you're out!}
Pretty much Zac was the best player ever!!!

The night was capped off with a viewing of The Incredible Shrinking Woman, a perfect ending to a perfect day...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Someone had a Birthday!

Our "little" Zachar Man turned 3 last week! He continues to melt my heart every day {even on days he's being naughty - like yesterday when I was making dinner and he apparently was squirting Mia with a squirt bottle from less than a foot away. She never made a peep but in the end was SOAKED!} When he woke up I had a surprise for him - cupcakes for breakfast! He had been singing happy birthday all week and was thrilled that we all sang it to him!

Eating his cupcake

He and Mia eating a cupcake and the mess they made!

What the heck? Seriously... Zac used to be the cleanest baby... Not so much now.

Just for good measure we better include a picture of Mia's dirty face!

Check out this post for some super cute pics

Remember this post from two years ago when we knew Zac would be going in soon for abdominal surgery?

And finally, I remember these days like they were yesterday...

Zac has come a long way in his short life.... He has gone from barely being on the growth chart at a year to being over 100% on height and weight! Amazing... I look forward to watching his personality develop even more! {Like today when we were out to lunch and then went outside to run around - there was a big huge fountain - Zac ended up fully in the fountain, nice!}

Love that guy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seriously? Don't be jealous...

But I know you will be when you see the following pictures... Jealous about what you ask? The fact that I get to hang out with this beautiful thing ALL Day long! Seriously, Mia is a JOY and I just love watching her waddle around the house, her bum moving from side to side! She is one amazing little girl ad she just turned 9 months - holy cow!!!

(The pictures look bad, not sure why but if you click on them, they are a lot clearer!)

My only child who actually liked the pickle the first time we gave it to her!

The other day she was so happy just crawling around and playing - it made me happy too!

She managed to find someone's marker on the floor... Hmmm...

The first glance I had of the marker!

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Official!!!

For those of you not on Facebook... you may not have seen my official introduction on The TomKat Studio that was posted today. Go click on this link to see my picture and Bio! It feels so good to have people appreciate what I do! Anyway, click below to check it out and you can also see the amazing people I get to work with!