Friday, November 19, 2010

Hayden's first NFL Game!

Hayden was thrilled when Andy told him he had won tickets to an Arizona Cardinals game. Hayden has grown to love BYU football and Cardinals football, and guess who was the starting QB for this game - Max Hall (Former QB for BYU). Going to the game was all we heard about for weeks leading up to it. The morning of the game Hayden got dressed in his Cardinals shirt and hat and made a sign to hold up during the game.
The Cardinals happened to be going against Superbowl Champions the Saints and we didn't really think there was a chance of us winning. Well, what do you know - the Cardinals won!!! This was a great first game for Max Hall, even though the game was won mostly due to our great defense!
Hayden had a great time taking pictures throughout the game. He even got a chance to meet the cheerleaders before the game but he was too shy to get his picture taken with them.

Andy and Hayden had a fantastic time sitting in the end zone - thanks to Intel for letting them have these great seats and a little bonding time!