Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Day at the Zoo!

A few weeks ago Hayden had a half day at school so decided to surprise the kids by taking them to the zoo! That day was also 50's day at school, check out my stud on his way out the door!
We started our zoo adventure on a path that took us to the prairie dogs, can you see them behind Hayden and Bryn?

My handsome little men (Hayden's hair is still keeping it's 50's style)

This giraffe exhibit is by far the highlight of the Phoenix Zoo. The kids always love climbing up to the "tree house" to get a good look!

Zac looking at the giraffes through the fence at the top of the tree house. I discovered on this day how excited Zac is about animals, he just kept jabbering on and pointing his finger at any animal he could see. This is not easy as there are often not many animals to see at this zoo!

This picture captures the sum total of the animals we saw this day (besides the giraffes and the hind end of a Rhino!)

It was a hot day (at the end of October) so we brought the swimsuits and the kids had a blast playing in this water area at the zoo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family Picture Outtakes

A sneak peak at our semi professional family pictures! I need to do some cropping and editing on the pictures that turned out semi decent. The kids somewhat cooperated - I was pleasantly surprised!

(Click collage to enlarge)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Houston... We have a problem!

Molly is in the exit row... those of you who know her well, know that she has an irrational fear of accidentally pulling the hatch to open the exit door on an airplane! It didn't happen and all passengers on the plane are still alive.
Andy and I were so excited to be able to spend 5 days in Houston with some of our greatest friends from BYU. It was our friend Steve's birthday and his wife called back on March to invite us (and a few other couples) out so that we could all go see U2 together. We had so much fun catching up with Steve and Jen, Laura and Brian, and Candace (her husband couldn't come).

Candace, Laura, and Brian at an awesome Mexican restaurant before the concert

Steve and Jen (Steve is getting sung to for his birthday)

Andy and Brian (with Laura, Jen, and Steve in the background) at the U2 concert

Andy and I waiting for U2 to come on!

A picture of Bono singing - there's something about him - he's just captivating!

The amazing stage

We had so much fun at the concert, I almost convinced Andy to buy tickets for us to go again when we got back to Phoenix. Instead I convinced my sister to go and I watched her kids!

The Apollo 9 (I think, or I could be totally wrong) at NASA

This is the room that holds all of the life size replicas of the space shuttle, space station, etc... for astronauts to use while training. The top right corner is a new moon rover that is in the works, kind of cool looking.

Inside the cockpit of a space shuttle - Andy and I discovered, we are both probably too big to be astronauts!

The old actual Mission Control. The new updated mission control was right next door, we could see it on a TV screen.

We had such a good time in Houston - other than sweating profusely for the first two days, wow the humidity is a killer! By the end of the trip I was ready to move there, the housing is so inexpensive and I loved the greenery. We ate at some amazing restaurants and went to a fun pier where Andy and I road a roller coaster that about made us both throw up. I felt really old right about then! If you're ever in Houston you must eat at Taste of Texas - wow, it was amazing!
Thank you Jen and Steve for inviting us, we love you guys and can't wait to see you again!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween Week seemed crazier this year than normal... but we still had a fun time!
The kids loved the homemade root beer I made. They were very patient watching the dry ice do it's job for 15 minutes as it was starting to get carbonated. They then each proceeded to consume 5 or 6 cups of it!
We tried all week to carve the pumpkin but either Andy or I were gone every night that week and so we carved it Halloween day (still without Andy but we couldn't wait any longer!) They thought the pumpkin guts were disgusting and we proceeded to break both pumpkin carving knives within the first few minutes, lovely.

The finished product!

Time to Trick or Treat! Brynley was a witch, Hayden a Karate Guy, and Zac was Winnie the Pooh

Zac caught on very quickly!

We met up with some neighbors and had fun walking around our neighborhood with them until we left to go to another neighborhood.

Trick or treating at Grandpa's house!

Headed home - Zac loved the whole experience. Andy pushed him in the stroller most of the night as he ate candy. If Andy wasn't going fast enough, Zac would turn around to look behind and motion with his hand to hurry up! It was super cute.