Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

Brynley is 4 today! She has been waiting for months to be 4 so this day couldn't come soon enough! I absolutely adore this little girl and feel lucky to be her mom. She is the sweetest thing in the world and has such a tender heart - just last night I had gone to my room for some rest and had just gotten frustrated with Hayden and Brynley. A few hours later she came to me with tears in her eyes and a super sad face saying, "I am so sorry mama" as a tear rolled down her cheek. She does this any time she feels like she has been naughty or done something wrong - she genuinely feels heartache over it- such an endearing quality. Brynley always wants to make her older brother happy - even if it means giving him whatever candy or treat she has, she just loves making others happy.

She is stinker sometimes of course and I will probably be a very stubborn teenager - I can already see it! I love all her little faces and nuances - she literally melts my heart on a daily basis.

We celebrated Bryn's birthday on Sunday night with a family dinner (which consisted of our family and Meredith's family - my dad called in sick). She had a great time with her cousins!

She loved her presents - from the Simpsons she got a ton of girlie art supplies and from Hayden a Ponyville set. Zac got her a Fancy Nancy game and we got her a new bike and bicycle helmet.

Her face was priceless when she saw Andy turn the corner with her new bike!

The kids all took a turn riding around the island on her bike. Zac and Kate were hilarious as they spent the whole time chasing whoever was on the bike.

The cutest party guest!

Zac and Kate kind of stole the show for a bit as they played ring around the rosie. They were beyond cute!

Brynley with her cake

The next morning was Brynley's friend birthday party - the theme - Tinkerbell!

As the girls arrived we had some balloons for them to play with, here's a few pictures of some of the girls playing.

Each girl had a Tinkerbell coloring page with Tinkerbell crayons - the pictures later got sprinkled with pixie dust!

After the girls were done coloring we went on a treasure hunt outside! There were balloons hidden everywhere with clues inside - each girl took a turn popping a balloon with a magic wand. At the end was a treasure box filled with gold and sparkling beads!
This shows some of the girls making bracelets with the bead they found!

After bracelets were done it was present time! Brynley was quite spoiled and got a ton of Tinkerbell, Polly Pocket, and Dora stuff along with makeup and a fur real pet!

The girls were so cute helping her open her gifts

This was the cutest, sweetest bunch of girls ever! Including Brynley we had 10 3 and 4 year old girls at the party and it was so much fun! Little girls parties are WAY easier and better than little boy parties! They were so cute and listened so well - I loved it!

This picture shows all but two of the little girls

The Tinkerbell gift bags given to each of the girls when they left

Love you Brynley!

I think one of her best presents was finding out today that she is going to have a baby sister!