Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet Baby Girl...

(This should have posted about two weeks ago!)

Currently I am sitting in a hotel room in Minnesota, it's 3am and I just finished working for the night. The break from normal life is a bit exciting but I sure am missing my kids! I happen to especially be craving some loves from my little companion who normally never leaves my side... To feed that craving I opened a folder of photos on my desktop and found these beauties!

Mia is obsessed with this doll and poking it's eyeballs. Zac thinks the doll is scary and every time we put Mia down for her nap, Zac takes baby and highchair out of her room!

Oh my goodness, isn't she a doll???

For those who haven't seen yet, we painted Mia's room - finally! It used to have partially painted blue and orange walls {from when it belonged to Hayden and I never got it finished!} I am in love with her room now!

Mia is in a super fun stage - a bit clingy but fun none the less! She LOVES playing outside - luckily we had a day last week when it was only about 105 degrees so she got a little bit of play time outside!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


{Check out the picture of him licking his nose!}

We have a pet, two actually... Twitch and Rosie our super cute Leopard Geckos. Hayden got Twitch for Christmas last year {well he got hermit crabs but we returned those for the gecko} Twitch had a near death experience when Andy squished his shoulder/leg with the edge of the ottoman. We nursed "him" back to life, it took a few weeks but "he" eventually grew strong enough to hunt "his" crickets...

A few months later, the Simpsons gave Brynley her own Leopard Gecko for her birthday - they took her to go pick it out, she chose one and named it Rosie. {We were hoping it was a boy as we thought Twitch was a boy and therefore, no baby making!!} Recently we discovered the Rosie is infact a boy - but Twitch is a girl, uh oh... We believe twitch is pregnant...

We love these little guys - the other night Zac and Brynley took turns letting Twitch crawl around on their heads.
Why the post title of Doggie you may ask? Because sweet Mia is OBSESSED with the geckos. She wanders into the office at least 15 to 20 times a day to stand on her tippy toes and watch the "doggies" she just squeals, "doggies!!!!" as she walks up to them and just watches them. She absolutely LOVES them! not sure why she calls them doggies...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Night Bowling

Last week we went bowling with the kids. We always love bowling together - it's fun to see the kids actually improve each time we go {sine we go one or two times a year!} We had a blast together, even Mia didn't mind just hanging out!

Zac may have beat the other kid's scores but he had a little help ;)

Is it bad that the only picture I got of Brynley included her sckirt being tucked up inside of her undershorts? I couldn't help but post it!

Hayden had some SWEET moves, his form is priceless!
She had this little chip stuck to her lip for a about 15 minutes! It was so funny I didn't take it off!