Friday, October 30, 2009

Zac's 18 month update - Amazing!

This picture was taken at the zoo last week. Zac loved the splash pad, especially trying to slap the water and having it recede before his very eyes! He was mesmerized.

12 Month Stats - 3rd Percentile for Weight, 10th Percentile for Height (2 months Pre-op)
15 Month Stats - 13th Percentile for Weight, 25th Percentile for Height (1 month Post-op)
18 Month Stats - 56th Percentile for Weight, 55th Percentile for Height (4 months Post-op)
He's finally Average!!! Yay. I remember exactly a year ago when we realized he was not growing right and I had to stop breastfeeding as the doctor figured that must be the problem. 9 months of struggling to keep him above the 1st percentile. One surgery later and the kid has become a monster! His scars are hardly even noticeable anymore - I am so thankful for modern medicine and finally finding a couple of good, no great doctors!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Little Dancer!

Zac loves music and he loves to dance! His best move is definitely the circle dancing - he will twirl in circles forever as long as he has music!

(Click play on video to watch)

On any given day... might see Zac in a bicycle helmet...
... or Dad's hat...... or his rainboots...
Zac is quite the character! He is constantly bringing something new for me to put on his head or his feet. His favorite accessories of late have definitely been the bicycle helmet and rain boots. There were a few days where he would not have me put on anything unless it was his rain boots. This may not be odd anywhere else but when it's still 100 degrees outside, it's a little odd! Today at lunch he put a toy shopping basket on his head and left it on for quite sometime, just walking around playing! I love my little man, ecspecially with his odd sense of style! I might also add that we get a huge kick out of him wearing Dad's hats, they fall over his eyes and he spends much of his time just running into walls - quite humorous to watch!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conference Weekend

We always look forward to Conference weekend - mostly because of Sunday brunch with Meredith and Maddy's families. Growing up it was always a tradition at our house and we have never let the tradition die - we're glad that Maddy likes to be included as part of our family for this, it wouldn't be the same without her family!
Them menu included: Brunch Casserole, Cinnamon pull-apart bread, bacon, sausage, potatoes, fruit salad, blueberry muffins, orange rolls and assorted juices!

Meredith made the comment that we could almost have has many kids as the Duggars with the amount of seating at our bar! (Not gonna happen) But we did successfully seat 7 kids, with room for one or two more.

Mmmm... Nothing better than stuffing our faces between conference sessions!

During dinner (yes we thought we needed dinner even after that huge brunch!) we looked outside and saw the 7 big kids had made a train on the slide. We immediately jumped up looking for a camera and told them to stay right where they were! That didn't happen. Maddy tried to get them to recreate the experience, it took a minute but we finally got a quick picture.

These cousins (and almost cousins but we just call them cousins anyway) always have so much fun together!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Craft Night!

A few months ago my friend Sarah suggested that we do our own mini craft night for some of our friends from playgroup. Maddy and Meredith jumped on board with us and we held the craft night last night. Sarah taught a Christmas countdown class, Maddy did a Halloween house, I taught a "SPOOKY" wooden block class and Meredith taught how to make some super cute fabric hair flowers. Meredith and I also threw in a cute make and take for anyone who wanted to take it home. We had an absolute blast! The night began at 6pm, we got things set up, everyone brought munchies to share and we got right to crafting! The last crafters didn't leave until 1:30 am! We had so much fun - and thanks to my Aunt and Uncle for letting us use their house so that we could craft in peace!
Some of the girls hard at work!

Maddy's cute Halloween House

Wooden "SPOOKY" blocks

The 3 Halloween crafts together

The make and take that Meredith and I through together (We still have a few kits left from this project so if you'd like one, leave a comment (they are $2.50 a piece) all parts are cut just need to be glued)

Christmas Countdown Blocks - taught by Sarah
Meredith and I are also doing Halloween blocks which I will post when we are done

Super cute flower hair clippies taught by Meredith
We had a great night - thanks to all who were able to come and to those who put so much work into making this happen!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Now I remember...

...why I actually enjoy living in Arizona part of the year. This was the first afternoon in about 4 1/2 months that I have actually enjoyed being outside. The kids played and played and played until I finally made them come in for dinner. Hayden's homework didn't get done until way late but it didn't matter, we were having so much fun! I love this time of year when the good weather rolls around. Now we can look forward to 7 months of being able to play outside! It's actually still pretty hot during the day but it's cooling off as night time rolls around, yay!

This was Zac's first time on our backyard slide, he loved it! We could not keep him off of it.

These were actually taken while Brynley was on the "time-out rock" - can't remember why she was in timeout but I couldn't help but snap some shots!

Hayden, our little stud

All the trampoline pics were blurry, oh well.