Saturday, February 23, 2008

My baby is 2!!!

Brynley had her second birthday party today! She had so much fun, and I think she definitely knew that this day was all about her. My Aunt Shelly and Uncle Joe came in to town on Friday night and we were so glad they could be here for our fun day. We went to see a movie with all the cousins and then we went to The Golden Spoon for frozen yogurt, yum! When we got home we waited for the party guests to arrive and we had an awesome BBQ! The kids all had a great time playing outside, the weather was beautiful, and tearing apart the house while the adults got to socialize!

After dinner, Bryn had a great time opening all of her gifts. She was definitely spoiled by so many generous people! Some of her gifts included, an Elmo Laptop, a barbie and car, a cute dog with his own purse, a pink toaster, a princess tea party set, a "Belle" baby doll, magnetic "paper" doll, dress up stuff, Littlest Petshop things, and many more...

After presents, we sung to Brynley and she did such a good job blowing out her candle. I think it is safe to assume that the cake and ice cream was enjoyed by all!

Friday, February 22, 2008

I can't believe he asked THAT question...

... what question you ask??? "Mommy, how is Zac going to get out of your tummy anyway?" Um, really Hayden, do you really want to know the answer to this question?? That is what I was thinking. So I explained it to him in a 4-yr. old kind of way and I could just see the gears turning in his head as his face kind of looked a little frightened. When he didn't like that explanation, I told him that Auntie Meredith's baby would come out a different way. I explained to him that the doctor would have to cut her tummy and pull the baby out. This frightened him even more and he almost started to cry as he said, "But that would hurt her and she would bleed very bad!" So I explained that the doctor would make it all better. He sat there and thought for about 10 seconds and then ran off to play. Few, at least that's over!
edited to add... At least he's not interested in HOW the baby got there in the first place, I'll give him til the next baby for that one!

And just for kicks - here is a picture of my enormous belly. My face was truly hideous in this picture, thus the reason for the headless body!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ugh, Brynley...

The other day I was trying to get the house ready for a showing. It's usually pretty clean but I always have to run around turning on all the lights, opening the blinds, turning on the surround sound, etc. As I was finishing up some vacuuming, I came into the family room to find this:

Brynley had gotten bored and decided to move the ottoman from the other side of the room to the entertainment center, opened it, and turned on the TV. This is what she was watching:

She wasn't watching anything although she somehow got the picture in picture turned on, we had to wait for Andy to get home to get it back to normal!

Then this morning as we were getting ready to go to gymnastics (and running late) I ran to brush my teeth and told the kids to get in the car. They usually make their way to the car, not this time... Hayden was in the car but this is where I found Brynley:

It wouldn't be so bad if she was just in the sink, but of course she was covered in water, making us even later for gymnastics!

Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentine's Day this year, aside from me being sick and Hayden wondering if we should call Dad home from work because I was so sick, it was great!

Luckily, the day started on a happy note with Gymnastics in the morning and our playgroup V-Day party. The kids had a blast at the party, they got to decorate the cutest little red mailboxes, which Brynley decorated very well with cute foam hearts, then promptly took them all off to put inside of the mailbox!

They had pizza (which you can see on Bryn's face), decorated cookies, and exchanged Valentines. It was so much fun, even though it was a little windy.

Andy came home early from work with flowers. For dinner we had heart shaped pizza and the kids got to open their Valentine gifts from us. Hayden got a new Planet Heroes Guy and Brynley got the cutest My Little Pony Ice Cream cart. Andy and I celebrated the following day by going to a great steakhouse - Longhorn's Steakhouse, later we attended a play our Stake was putting on (Andy kept asking to leave at intermission but I made him stick it out and it turned out better in the second half.)

Hockey with Dad!

Andy took Hayden to a Coyotes game last week, it was an activity with Intel. The only thing Hayden could talk about for days before the event was riding to the arena in a bus. Every bus we passed, he would ask if that was the bus that would take him. He would ask me the color of the bus, what the bus drivers name was, etc... Andy said when the bus drove up Hayden was ecstatic! They had a great time at the game where Hayden received his 4th free Coyotes hat, and I am told he ate two entire hotdogs before Andy even finished one! They didn't leave the game until almost 10pm and I asked Andy if he slept on the way home and Andy said, "Nope, but he must have gotten bored with me because after awhile, Hayden headed to the back of the bus to sit in on a conversation with a bunch of girls!" These girls are actually women Andy works with and they were quite smitten with our handsome little man! Unfortunately, this is the only picture Andy got as the camera batteries promptly ran out, oops...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Did you remember to vote???

Hayden, Brynley, and I stood in line for 30 minutes to vote this morning, I would have waited longer if I had to though. What a great opportunity we have to vote in such an amazing time in this country. We love Mitt Romney and hope that he can pull out ahead of John McCain, I can't wait to see the results tonight! So, if you are in a state that votes today and you haven't voted yet, get out there and vote already!

On another note, we registered Hayden for Kindergarten yesterday - All Day Kindergarten! Wow, I can't believe our little boy will be in school all day in just a few months, he is s oexcited! He didn't quite get the concept of registering and was dissappointed that he didn't actually get to start Kindergarten yesterday - what a goofball!