Saturday, August 27, 2011

This girl melts my heart...

I cannot even explain the joy I feel every morning when I get Mia out of her bed. She lays in bed {for who knows how long as she is totally silent!} until I come in to get her - usually around 8:15 or 8:30 {oh yah!}... She greets me with the World's biggest grin and just cuddles into my shoulder as I pick her up. Wow... I feel so lucky to be her mama! She has been such a trooper lately as I drag her all over the place, often skipping a nap here and there - and yet she mostly doesn't mind one bit. I love the one on one time I get to spend with her, since she is my last baby I have to soak in every second of it!

Mia has a favorite blanket, she ADORES this thing. She loves to hold the corner and stroke her nose with it, and sometimes she even gives me the joy of the nose stroke as she reaches it out and strokes my nose for me! {Honestly, I'm not sure of the appeal for her as it does nothing for me, lol!} I have been stressed trying to find another similar blanket because I cannot even imagine what would ensue if said blanket were to get lost. Unfortunately, I got this blanket 6 years ago when I was pregnant with Brynley. Andy went on a hunt and finally found an almost new one on Ebay. We snatched it up and now we have two, phew! We pretty much bring the blanket everywhere as we know it will always make her happy! Even now, in the 114 degree weather, she is cuddled up with it in the car/stroller all day!

Her nose stroking reminds me of my cute Cousin Eric as a baby who loved to stroke his ear with the corner of a pillow - it's totally the same!

Mia had crashed in the car the other day and I wanted her awake as I really needed her to nap later. I figured if I laid her on the couch she would for sure wake up, but no. She was out!

Playing Peek a boo with her blanket!

Isn't she beautiful???? She is so happy {except when I'm trying to make dinner and all she wants to do is play with me!!!!}. Other than that, she might be the perfect baby. I can say that right? And I get to cuddle her all day long if that's what I want to do - if only I had the time to do just that!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our First Pack Meeting!

Hayden had his first pack meeting last week, it was so much fun! The whole family went and I am so glad we did.... I am new to the whole scout world and had no idea what went on at a pack meeting - there were different chants and flag ceremonies and awards. Zac and Brynley got a kick out of it and Mia just toddled around charming those around her.

I will say that Hayden was extremely lucky to enter scouts right before day camp. They passed off a lot of awards at day camp and were given those awards at Pack Mtg. In addtion Hayden earned a few things on our sabbatical and he earned his Bobcat! There was a little ceremony for the boys earning their bobcat, Brother Breinholdt told them they would have to drink Bobcat blood... Hayden's face was Priceless! {The first photo somewhat shows his face - click on it to see it larger!} Everyone was dying watching him shake and his mouth was perced in such a funny way. I sooo wished I had brought my camera, grrr... Luckily, my friend Joy took a few photos of Hayden and her son, but they do not do it justice. Hayden actually jugged the "V8", which really surprised me, but he thought it was pretty good!

Hayden is super excited to be involved in Cub Scouts and he has FABULOUS leaders {I hope they are never released!} I on the other hand, have no idea what I am doing and am kind of flying by the seat of my pants with this whole thing!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Zac Starts Preschool

My handsome man all ready to go!

Zac has been super excited to start preschool and he finally started this week! He's attending at one of my friend's houses {Kim Keith}. We LOVE Kim! She was his nursery leader at church for the last year and half and I knew he would just love going to preschool with her. He is at school Tuesday and Thursday from 9 - Noon... The first day he did great, went right in and had a blast... Day 2 was not so good. He got super nervous as I took him in and by the time we got to teh classroom, he was hysterically crying. Poor little dude. Kim took him right on her lap and I left as he was crying out for me. I texted Kim to see if I needed to come back and get him and within about 5 or 6 minutes he calmed down and had a great time!

Zac does this every time he gets nervous or shy - he puts his hands on his face, it's so funny!

I have been a bit nervous for school to start, only because Zac had to be potty trained. With our sabbatical this summer and being on the road, we didn't really do much potty training. So, when we got back in town I knew I had about 10 days to get er done! It wasn't going as well as I had hoped until the day before school started and I think it finally "clicked", yippy!!! It has been 5 days now of no accidents and no diapers, woohoo!!!! *knock on wood* I think that means he's done, right?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day of School!!!

Kindergarten - 2011

We have been anticipating this day for a long time! Hayden and Brynley were super excited to start school today. Hayden is in 3rd Grade with Ms. Turley {the teacher he didn't want but is now excited about!} and Brynley is in Kindergarten with Mrs. Silveira. They were both anxious to get up and get dressed after picking out their outfits last night - I wish I would have coordinated them for photos but I let them choose!

Neither of them were scared at all and just went right to their lines when the bell rang - they then headed inside. Well I assume Hayden did, Andy took him to the 3rd grade play ground and left. I guess Hayden was fine and said he didn't need him to stick around!

And this is the sum total of the photos Andy got of Hayden playing before school, what?

Mia just hung out waiting for school to start

Andy, Zac, Mia and I headed to the Farmhouse for breakfast but of course the line was way too long and Liberty Market was crowded as well so we went to The Good Egg. We had a fun time, just the four of us - there was no fighting at the table and we had a great breakfast! We then ran some errands and did some grocery shopping. By the time we got home, it was time for Zac and Mia to take a nap... Now the house is quiet for the first time in what seems like forever!!! I can't wait to hear all about how today went!