Friday, January 22, 2010

A day on the lake

Aunt Shelly and Uncle Joe were in town last week and we decided that we really wanted to do something fun and different - so we headed to the lake! Meredith found out about this steamboat that takes you on a tour of Canyon Lake - the kids were really excited about being able to go on a real boat!
Andy getting everyone situated in their life jackets

Shelly and Joe with all the nieces and nephews except Lindsay - not sure where she went!

Zac mostly hated his life jacket but was happy as long as he had popcorn!

The only picture of our family - Meredith took it and said it looked great so she didn't take another one. Oh well, who cares that Andy looks mad about something!

Begging for more popcorn...

The four big kids - they all had a blast!

A little scenery in the background

Uncle Joe and Brynley

After the boat ride we headed a little further East to a small "town" called Tortilla Flats for a late lunch. The walls of the restaurant are covered in 1 dollar bills, I should have taken a picture but I forgot. People just leave 1 dollar bills to be stapled to the walls and ceiling - it is estimated that there are over 150 thousand bills on the walls! And this is after a fire burned the place to the ground in 1987!! The kids got a kick out of it.

Hayden and Brynley outside of the restaurant

This was definitely a fun adventure for a Saturday and we will probably do it again sometime!

That was one tough cupcake!

I made some cupcakes a few weeks ago and left a few of them unfrosted. I sort of forgot about them for a few days and Hayden asked if he and Bryn could frost and eat two of the cupcakes. Sure - although I was pretty sure they may not be too good - they had been sitting on the counter uncovered for two days!
Not two minutes later, Hayden comes running into the office to tell me that upon biting into his cupcake, his tooth came out! He was ecstatic as he as been anxious to lose another tooth for quite some time! Enjoy the bloody picture!

One last holiday post!

I know January is almost over but I wanted to get this post up - better late than never I guess! We always love visiting the Mesa, Arizona Temple Lights during the holidays. We almost ran out of time this year as life got extremely busy but we managed to get to the Temple on New Year's Eve.
The Mesa Arizona Temple

A quick picture with the kids!

Andy gets in on the action

Hayden and Brynley were so excited to see the Star of Bethlehem at the Manger scene

Zac and Daddy

Some more of the lights
This was a great New Year's Activity to do with the family - Dinner out, Temple Lights, Hot Chocolate and a movie! We are looking forward to a fun filled New Year!