Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter this year. It began on Friday with our Playgroup's annual Easter Egg hunt. I forgot my camera (and Maddy reminded me that I forgot it last year too!) so I don't have any pictures. The kids had a great time though, especially Brynley. She was a girl on a mission, picking up every egg she could see, then she shook one an realized there was something inside. She opened it and looked at me and said CANDY!!! She then continued to pick up the eggs at a faster pace. She finally sat down and opened every egg and started devouring the candy, it was the cutest thing!

On Saturday, Andy took the kids to the annual Power Ranch Spring Carnival where the kids had a great time playing on the bouncy house and slide, playing at the park, and eating lunch. Meredith and I had a booth at the event so the dads were in charge of the kids.

On Sunday morning Hayden woke up and came into our room and asked if he could put on a movie. We said sure and then he asked if the Easter Bunny had come, we said, I don't know.... thinking for sure that he would notice his basket on the floor in front of the TV. Next thing we hear is the movie starting, it took Hayden a good few minutes to notice the baskets. He came running into our room going crazy about what the Easter Bunny had brought him, he was so excited. We all got Brynley up and she too was thrilled about her basket contents.

After church on Sunday we headed over to Grandpa and Debbie's house for a fun Easter Egg hunt and dinner. We all had a great weekend and we hope you did too!
And just for fun, Meredith and I got our picture taken with our big bellies. I look horrid and I can't believe I am actually posting this picture, so here's a good laugh for you all!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Sweet Brynley

Forgive me, I started this post on her birthday and then had a crazy week so I am finally finishing it... (Sorry, it is very picture heavy!)

Minutes after birth..

Wow, it's hard to believe that two years have passed since our sweet girl entered this world. We were so surprised when you came to us with strawberry blond hair and the sweetest, quietest cry in the world! A few scary weeks of jaundice and a bili-blanket and many, many heal pricks, followed by the scare that you might have Spina Bifida, you really kept us on our toes! After a few weeks you spent the first year of your life pretty laid back and content, I remember your stubbornness started to show a little when it came to sleeping. After sleeping through the night for a number of months, you decided to start waking up again until you were 10 months old... I can hardly remember those days now.

First Birthday

Easter 2007

I was shocked at 11 months when you couldn't walk yet but figured out how to climb on top of the kitchen table! That was only the beginning... you figured things out on your own so early, I guess you really wanted to keep up with Hayden! At 16 months you started getting so mad at me when I tried to buckle your car seat because you wanted to do it on your own, along with wanting to get dressed, change your own diaper, and many other things...

Now it is hard to believe you are two! Even though you are determined, headstrong, and stubborn, I wouldn't want you any other way (you remind me of myself at times). Daddy and I are so smitten with your sweet kisses and hugs and the way you say I love you, we are amazed at the new things you do everyday! At two, you can already count to 10 and even higher, you can mostly say your ABC's, you know all your colors and animals, and you love to sing, especially "I am a Child of God." You are getting so good at coloring and I love watching you try to ride bikes with all of the big kids, pretty soon you really will be a big kid with the rest of them!

Our big two-year old!

I love you my sweet Bryn, I can't wait to see you take on the roll of big sister in a few more weeks!