Monday, October 17, 2011

California here we come!!!

Last month I got to go to California with two of my best girlfriends {Wendy and Toni} for a quick trip! We headed out on a Thursday morning to see The Ellen Degeneres Show and The Tonight Show the next day!
This is the only shot I have from the day of Ellen - this was right as we were leaving the hotel room. We ended up having to wait in line for Ellen for 2-3 hours. It was sooo worth it though because it gave us plenty of time to flirt it up with the security guards and to dance and look AWESOME so that we could get good seats. And good seats are what we got - we sat on the aisle of the row that Ellen dances down - we almost touched her! {But we didn't because we didn't want to get kicked out, lol!} It was such a fun experience!

The next day we woke up and ate at Denny's - um have you tried the strawberry pancake balls??? Oh my goodness - those are GOOD! Then it was off to wait for Jay Leno! We were told that people line up as early as 9am (for a 3pm check in) so we decided to be there by noon to get a decent spot in line. We were officially numbers 9, 10, and 11 in line! Again, we pretty much spent the whole time talking to people - pretty much made the day of the Intern we talked for hours to. He loved us {too bad I forgot his name, sorry intern!}... He also told us he had no say in where we would sit, dang.

All was ok, as we were led into the studio around 4pm, we were seated in the 2nd row on the floor!!!!! Yeah, we rock! The front row was saved we were told for guests of the band, etc... Too bad regular people ended up sitting in front of us and we were way cuter than them, grr. Oh well.

Jay Leno is SO nice! He comes out to talk to the audience before every show. He asked if anyone had questions, so I raised my hand super high and he called on me, ack!!! I told him we were there for Wendy's birthday and we had her son's Flat Stanley and asked if he would take a picture with us. He said of course and so we ran down freaking out! We weren't allowed to use our own camera so a stage hand used a tiny little polaroid - this is a scan of that! He has his arm around me!!!

After the show we hung around the exit of the studio to catch a glimpse Hugh Jackman - in hopes of him taking us to dinner or something... Anyway...

Rickey Minor was happy to let us snap a pic of him with Flat Stanley!

Wendy flirted with the Paparazzi guy to get a pic!

I was trying to get the info from Security on when Hugh Jackman would actually be leaving {he apparently had no idea}.

Jay Leno leaving

The three of us after the show

Hugh Jackman's driver signaling to us that he had no idea when they would be leaving...

Hugh finally leaves {we might have waited around too long for this moment, lol!} Stupid people who crowded his car made it impossible for him to even ask us to go out with him, dang!!!

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Jana said...

lol! you guys are too funny! It looks like you had a blast!! Im jealous ;)