Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

After a long day at the soccer fields in the 100 degree heat, what better way to end the day than with a trip to the pumpkin patch, lol! Luckily, by 5:30 when we arrived, it was only about 95 degrees and we were ready for some fun! We invited the Simpson's along because would could be better than time with the cousins in a corn maze?

Before heading over to the corn maze, we took a ride in the barrel train, woohoo!!

Each of the kids then took a turn ringing the bell with the big sledge hammer...

... and they milked the pretend cow, it was super cool!

It was getting dark so we figured we better take a stab at the corn maze before it really got dark!

Zac with his favorite, Caroline!

The dads and the kids!

Mia was loving the corn maze...

Lovin my babies!

After the corn maze we went to the huge Air Pillow, where the kids bounced and bounced forever! Poor Kate was being tossed about like crazy, but the rest of the kids had a fantastic time!

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karen said...

hey that pumpkin patch in 100 deree heat looks like a little bit o' hell on earth! Which is why I talked my girls OUT of the pumpkin patch and to Cheesecake Factory and a lame movie last weekend! great parenting.

BUT the real reason I'm commenting is I can't stop laughing at Mia poking the he(( out of that doll's eyeballs in your last post...that's just hysterical. That doll is extremely creepy to boot...

barros, anyone?