Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet Baby Girl...

(This should have posted about two weeks ago!)

Currently I am sitting in a hotel room in Minnesota, it's 3am and I just finished working for the night. The break from normal life is a bit exciting but I sure am missing my kids! I happen to especially be craving some loves from my little companion who normally never leaves my side... To feed that craving I opened a folder of photos on my desktop and found these beauties!

Mia is obsessed with this doll and poking it's eyeballs. Zac thinks the doll is scary and every time we put Mia down for her nap, Zac takes baby and highchair out of her room!

Oh my goodness, isn't she a doll???

For those who haven't seen yet, we painted Mia's room - finally! It used to have partially painted blue and orange walls {from when it belonged to Hayden and I never got it finished!} I am in love with her room now!

Mia is in a super fun stage - a bit clingy but fun none the less! She LOVES playing outside - luckily we had a day last week when it was only about 105 degrees so she got a little bit of play time outside!

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