Saturday, August 27, 2011

This girl melts my heart...

I cannot even explain the joy I feel every morning when I get Mia out of her bed. She lays in bed {for who knows how long as she is totally silent!} until I come in to get her - usually around 8:15 or 8:30 {oh yah!}... She greets me with the World's biggest grin and just cuddles into my shoulder as I pick her up. Wow... I feel so lucky to be her mama! She has been such a trooper lately as I drag her all over the place, often skipping a nap here and there - and yet she mostly doesn't mind one bit. I love the one on one time I get to spend with her, since she is my last baby I have to soak in every second of it!

Mia has a favorite blanket, she ADORES this thing. She loves to hold the corner and stroke her nose with it, and sometimes she even gives me the joy of the nose stroke as she reaches it out and strokes my nose for me! {Honestly, I'm not sure of the appeal for her as it does nothing for me, lol!} I have been stressed trying to find another similar blanket because I cannot even imagine what would ensue if said blanket were to get lost. Unfortunately, I got this blanket 6 years ago when I was pregnant with Brynley. Andy went on a hunt and finally found an almost new one on Ebay. We snatched it up and now we have two, phew! We pretty much bring the blanket everywhere as we know it will always make her happy! Even now, in the 114 degree weather, she is cuddled up with it in the car/stroller all day!

Her nose stroking reminds me of my cute Cousin Eric as a baby who loved to stroke his ear with the corner of a pillow - it's totally the same!

Mia had crashed in the car the other day and I wanted her awake as I really needed her to nap later. I figured if I laid her on the couch she would for sure wake up, but no. She was out!

Playing Peek a boo with her blanket!

Isn't she beautiful???? She is so happy {except when I'm trying to make dinner and all she wants to do is play with me!!!!}. Other than that, she might be the perfect baby. I can say that right? And I get to cuddle her all day long if that's what I want to do - if only I had the time to do just that!


Jennie said...

She is gorgeous! I am enjoying my Amelia time too :) I am truly trying to stop in all the madness and savor more :) She is lucky to have you as her Mama too!

Lori said...

I spotted the picture of Mia holding her blanket and pacifier together and thought of Eric and his "fuffle" pillow immediately. Then you mentioned him! I love it! Mia is such a cutie :-) Lucky you!

Maddy said...

She is rather delicious. How come you lucked out with your 4th and mine is a terror? This seems unfair.