Monday, August 22, 2011

Our First Pack Meeting!

Hayden had his first pack meeting last week, it was so much fun! The whole family went and I am so glad we did.... I am new to the whole scout world and had no idea what went on at a pack meeting - there were different chants and flag ceremonies and awards. Zac and Brynley got a kick out of it and Mia just toddled around charming those around her.

I will say that Hayden was extremely lucky to enter scouts right before day camp. They passed off a lot of awards at day camp and were given those awards at Pack Mtg. In addtion Hayden earned a few things on our sabbatical and he earned his Bobcat! There was a little ceremony for the boys earning their bobcat, Brother Breinholdt told them they would have to drink Bobcat blood... Hayden's face was Priceless! {The first photo somewhat shows his face - click on it to see it larger!} Everyone was dying watching him shake and his mouth was perced in such a funny way. I sooo wished I had brought my camera, grrr... Luckily, my friend Joy took a few photos of Hayden and her son, but they do not do it justice. Hayden actually jugged the "V8", which really surprised me, but he thought it was pretty good!

Hayden is super excited to be involved in Cub Scouts and he has FABULOUS leaders {I hope they are never released!} I on the other hand, have no idea what I am doing and am kind of flying by the seat of my pants with this whole thing!

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